Erin  scratching                                     Evita  one wet night                              Evita  at the feed
   Eve  in fleece                                           Album cover take 1                             Eve looking moody
    Maggie leads the way                           Album take 2                                          Evita  sunning herself
   Erin                                             Ebony                                       Group                                         Evita
   Erin up close                                            Paul & Falcon                                         Group splits up
   Album take 3                                            Falcon night                                           Ebony no fleece
   Erin with her new shelter                    Group run for it                                     Feeding time
    Group take a breather                        Erin, Ebony's lost an earring            Grazing
   Evita in fleece                                          Ebony in fleece                                       End of album shoot
   Happy Flight                                            Falcon whispers to Ebony                  Erin, Paul & Falcon, bonding
   Erin too close                                          Erin in fleece                                            Who is that?
 Evita                                                            Boys                                                            Evita in pen

   G P1                                                               Percy and Barry                                   G P2
   G P3                                           G P4                                            Percy & his 2nd wife         G P5
   G P6                                                             G P7                                                             Henry
   G M1                                         G M2                                          G P8                                       Princess Spikey & the Pea
   G P9                                                              Boys relaxing in the garden             Henrys hiding place
   G P10                                                          G M3                                                            G M4                        
   G P11                                                           G P12                                                           G M5



































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